Booklet of “White Paper on Employment” PDF

This time, New-Grad Market Research Institute has released a booklet of “White Paper on Employment”.

This booklet is an additional version of “White Paper on Employment”, which was released on February 16th 2016.

Added contents are not only the data which we could not show it in the “White Paper on Employment”, but also Interviews to company, student, and university.

*You can check the whole book from the link beneath.

Booklet of “White Paper on Employment” *38pages [PDF DL7445.1K]




Current Situation of Recruitment and Job Search of New Graduates (P4~7)

・New Graduate Employment and Job Search Trends
・Changes of Guidelines for New Graduates Recruitment and Job Search



New Graduate Employment and Job Search in 2016(P8~21)

・2016 Recruitment and Job Search ❶ Schedule
・2016 Recruitment and Job Search ❷ Companies
・2016 Recruitment and Job Search ❸ Students
・Changes of Company Activities
・Changes of Student Activities
・Gaps between Companies and Students



Survey on Internship(P22~27)



Recruitment Forecast of 2017 Graduates(P28~33)

・Toshiyuki Fukuda General Director of Employment/Career Support Office, Employment/Career Support Center, Meiji University
・Yoshio Higuchi Professor, Faculty of Business and Commerce, Keio University
・Minoru Amoh Chairman, Educational Reform Committee, Japan Association of Corporate Executives



History of New Graduate Employment and Job Search(P34~37)